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Introducing: BSW Sound Bites!

Dear slightly curious person who clicked a thing,

As I approach my four-year anniversary doing BSW Voice and professionally supporting myself with my voice-over work, I'm doing that totally cliche (totally necessary) thing where I look back from where I've come.

The list is long friends, and it doesn't just entail my resume of produced works. I look back at what I consider "baby voice-over Brenda" and see that although there was a ton of information regarding the general genre of voice over/sound engineering/audiobook business/equipment review/etc, there was also a large portion of it that I had to gather myself, sort through for relevance, cross-reference with the other conflicting information, and self teach to apply to my own work (You think that run-on sentence was long? Imagine the actual tasks involved.). I joke still that I went to "Youtube University" and got my masters degree in audiobook production through trial and fail.

But, again with that reflection part, here I stand. Older and somewhat wiser and more importantly, adept at finding the resources needed to continue to learn and grow in this chosen field. And somehow now also able to field questions from my peers who are also beginning to navigate the world of voiceover work.

Since I've been asked more than a few times for coffee chats, beers, and coaching sessions regarding how my actor friends can also quit their day job, I figured I'd start collecting my earned knowledge in one place. My own curated reference point I wish I had when I was slugging through the sound music and mush.

So- Introducing BSW Sound Bites. I'll be posting some hard-earned wisdom, life lessons, and real-time realizations as I navigate year four and beyond. Hopefully, for you, me, and the greater non-trolling

public, it'll also include some pertinent information.

... and if not...

It feels cute. IDK, might delete later.

-More soon,


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